14 great tracks, many exclusive to this album and played on Holy Grail instruments.  Featuring (in order of appearance) Steve Chilvers, Mudlow, Paul-Ronney Angel, Hollowbelly, Bottle Neck John, Keni Lee Burgess & Bill Helferich, Dollar Bill, Eric Bibb, M.T. Blues, Rail Spikes, Jonney Boxcars, Chilly Cool Kev, The Phillbilly, Cedric Burnside.




​The Mental Health Foundation is the UK's charity for everyone's mental health. With prevention at the heart of what we do, we help people to thrive through understanding, protecting and sustaining their mental health.
Registered Charity No. England 801130

I am sure all of us have been affected by mental health issues in one way or another,be it personally or friends or family.  It’s a terrible thing that we often seem to hide, but by opening up and seeking help and advice we can beat this !!

This is for a pre-order of the physical CD.  It is currently at the pressing plant and we are hoping to ship before Christmas or mid January at the latest,

Thanks to all of the artists and everyone who buys this album for supporting this great cause.

From A Seed In The Ground Comes That Roots Sound - Compact Disc

  • The CDs are currently being pressed and will be posted as soon as we recieve them, hopefully before Christmas but no laterthan mid January.